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Our vision

By experiencing increased levels of foreign investment and export trade, Vietnam is a country with potential market and great opportunities. In the last decade, the number of foreign investments in Vietnam has grown significantly; in 2019, 125 countries and territories were selecting Vietnam as an investment destination.


Vietnam has many advantages such as abundant natural resources; favorable ports for import and export; rapidly developing labor resources; people and a culture of hospitality; favorable policies; beneficial trading agreements like the Self-Trade Agreement Due to the Vietnam – European Union (EVFTA), the RCEP Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and the Vietnam – UK Free Trade Agreement (UKVFTA). Therefore, we firmly guarantee that you will see investing in Vietnam is the right decision. Don’t hesitate to make plan for going to Vietnam to discover new opportunities. S&C is here to support and foster you business. Our vision is to become a reliable partner and a solid prop for foreign businesses who look for resources and search for advice to invest in Vietnam. We will help your business run smoothly, see you through problems, be with you from the very first step till your success.

Our mission

S&C aims to create and spread opportunities for both local and foreign enterprises, bring out sustainable, wealthy, and safe cooperation values. Let us be your guide in this promising and potential land. Just give us an idea, we will tell you where the opportunity is.

Core values

– Work with dedication and enthusiasm. Your success is our success; your success also set another brick in the development of Vietnam. Therefore, we appreciate and respect what you comment, listen to your ideas, and understand the difficulties you face to help you always grasp opportunities timely, make you feel safe to develop in Vietnam. 

– Inspire and transmit positive energy to customers. Every day working with S&C, you will feel closer to your goals, discover new plans, broaden your network. We together make our cooperation valuable.