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Sourcing service

What we source?

Vietnam’s labor market is considered to be very potential with a golden population structure. In 2019, about 56 million people participate in the labor market. However, in each region and area, there is a difference in the knowledge, skills, and qualifications among workers. At the same time, language and cultural barriers have made it difficult for many foreign companies to find suitable human resources. S&C will help foreign enterprises to solve these problems. We will follow up and analyze their need for labor recruitment to:

– Directly helping businesses recruit quality human resources

– Consulting advertising strategies and recruit methods to attract employees.

Do you know the topmost exported commodities of Vietnam in 2020?

They are phones and components; computer electronic products & components; other machinery, equipment, tools, and spare parts; textiles; footwear; steels; wood; … Besides, Vietnam is very strong in agricultural products, Vietnamese agricultural products are increasingly popularized in difficult markets such as Japan, Europe, and America.

It can be seen that from raw materials to finished products, Vietnam has great potential items. Do you wonder how to exploit this potential, how to identify which potential products are the most suitable for your business plan?

S&C will help you by giving appropriate advice and strategies. We appreciate your investment in Vietnam. We also believe that many Vietnamese businesses are making efforts to reach out to the world. S&C will contribute to connecting those who share the same ideas, to bring win-win benefits for both foreign investors and Vietnamese enterprises.

Indeed, it is not easy for you to identify websites with reliable information, reliable sources of information about a market whose language is not your native language.

Do not waste time with these things, S&C will help you verify information, give correct judgment about the partner you plan to work with, we can connect through the media, directly call or visit their location to clarify the potentials and capacities of these partners.

S&C is committed to being your helpful assistant, helping you to overcome the barriers of culture and languages ​​to find and connect with your strategic partners in Vietnam.

The value of our sourcing service

We work as your local assistant in Vietnam. There are no worries about verifying the reliability of information. We will support you qualified and experienced talents, products or OEMs from Vietnam. If you are not in Vietnam, we can get your authorization to handle problems in emergency cases. We commit to convey exactly the information to you.

Our sourcing procedure

Get request from customers

Customer can contact us via sending email or fill in the request form. We will response the request as soon as possible

Deliver the quotation and due date

After carefully reading customer’s request and email, we will inform the quotation and the time we can deliver the sourcing results.

S&C makes sourcing

We send the samples for  customers, make verification, evaluation and audit

Deliver result to customer

S&C will deliver result to customer in time and get feedback from customers to continuously improve service quality

Consulting service

Our consulting service includes

Let’s give us your inquiries relevant to your business idea, we will consider delivering you basic consulting or advanced consulting.

With basic consulting, we can offer the answer to queries about the general market situation in Vietnam, assess the possibility of your business plan, the average consumption-ability of a specific product, the average income in each area and region, etc.

With advanced consulting, we can give you consulting about effective marketing strategies in Vietnam, get your authorization to deal with legal procedures, etc.

The value of our consulting service

Investing in a new environment requires you have a certain understanding about the culture, working style, policies and many things. Instead of spending a lot of times searching for these information without any specific guidance, navigation or reliable source, you can save time when connecting with us. Our consulting will help you optimize your investment plan, increase chance of success and avoid unwanted risks.

Service process

⇒S&C gets the request from customer via email or request form ⇒ advice customers to use basic consulting or advanced consulting and make quotation ⇒ deliver service

Service fee

We will send you service fee via email