Some notes about finding a good plastic injection factory in Vietnam

Currently, very few factories in Vietnam do multi-functions at the same time like making mold, injection, assembling, painting. Therefore, if you want to evaluate whether one OEM can meet your requirements, you should clearly understand the specialization of that OEM. Some factories, though, don’t do assembling tasks they have strategic relationships with OEMs who can do assembling, or they have good skills of outsourcing, you still can get a good quote from them.

There are some questions you can use to assess the quality of one factory. How many machines do they have? The name of their machines. What is their quality control process? What are machines they use for quality control procedures? What are the brands they have worked with? The most complicated product they have produced. The quality of R&D and QA, QC department.

In recent years, Vietnam actively signed many FTAs with many big trade parties in the world. These FTAs remove the tax of material imported to Vietnam and decrease the tax of products made in Vietnam to export to many countries in the world. The customs procedure is more and more convenient for suppliers and buyers, which enhances the stability of supply chains. Vietnam currently has three big ports are Hai Phong, Da Nang, and Cat Lai.

Besides, the labor cost in Vietnam is relatively cheap, compared to the labor market in Asia; the number of people in the labor age is huge. Many investors recognize that laborers in Vietnam are young, active, quickly adaptive to the working environment, good language ability. With these advantages, many famous factories in the world have chosen Vietnam as ideal places to set up many new factories like Foxconn, Panasonic, Foster, Goertek, LG, etc.

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