Useful notes setting up a factory in Vietnam

How to set up a factory in Vietnam? Of course, the first thing to prepare is money, then we need to do market research, field research as well as legal procedure in Vietnam, and many more. This article just provides some of the very basic steps for potential investors to note down.

Select a location for a factory 

The rules and regulations of each place can be different. Therefore, investors should spend time visiting the authorities of industrial zones or places where they want to build the factory.

In most cases, 100% foreign-owned enterprises just can rent land. The foreign enterprise can apply for a certificate of land use for up to 50 years.

Apply for an Investment Registration Certificate

Apply for a business registration certificate

Application of environmental impact assessment 

In this step, a manufacturing factory should provide some documents to the People’s Committee of the province to assess potential risks to the local environment as well as measures taken to minimize the impact of these risks.

Apply for a fire protection license 

The application should be submitted to the Department of Fire and Rescue Police.

Apply for a factory building permit 

A building permit is needed if the manufacturer builds a totally new factory instead of renting a built one.


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