Whether Vietnam accepts vaccine passports soon?

Let’s take a look at Vietnam’s current situation. Vietnam is controlling the spread of Covid. It can be said that Vietnam is in the top countries with a very small number of deaths. Vietnam now accepts experts from other countries with 14 days of quarantine before official entry.

However, many Vietnamese airline companies and tourist companies have suffered a lot of impacts due to Covid. Using Vaccine passports is one of the possible ways to open flights again and brings hope to tourism. Therefore, Vietnam of course is trying a lot to adapt to the vaccine passport, but with careful steps. Working on the vaccine passport is put in priority now but there has been no promise for the exact time when the vaccine passport is put into regular use.

There are many kinds of vaccines now, however, the effectiveness of each vaccine is different. The effective time is also a question. WHO also hasn’t announced any official guidance about the procedures of using the vaccine passport until this year April because of the worries about the difficulty and complexity of controlling Covid 19.

Using the vaccine passport may be a trend in near future. However, Vietnam needs time to make a specific plan before implementing the vaccine passport. This is not only a challenge to Vietnamese leaders but also a challenge to leaders of other countries in the world as a careless decision can make all the previous effort become to zero.